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Amanda Sevilla, Ph.D. 

Educational Background 
Ph.D. in Rhetoric
Duquesne University
Fall 2018



  • Rhetoric of the Humanities

  • Rhetoric & Hermeneutics 

  • Rhetorical Theory

  • Rhetoric & Philosophy of Technology

  • Rhetoric & Philosophy of Intercultural Communication 

  • Philosophy of Communication 

  • Rhetoric & Philosophy of Public Relations

  • Philosophy of Interpersonal Communication

  • Rhetoric & Philosophy of Organizational Communication

  • Communication Ethics Seminar  

  • Rhetoric & Philosophy of Crisis Management

  • Rhetoric & Philosophy of Free Speech

  • Hermeneutic Phenomenology (6-Semester Seminar) 

  • Dissertation: Discarnation: Expounding on Marshall McLuhan's Critique of Modern Subjectivity

    • Chair: Dr. Calvin L. Troup ​

M.A. in English

Youngstown State University​

Concentrations: Sociolinguistics, Rhetoric & Composition, TESOL Certification 

Spring 2005 



  • Studies in Linguistics

  • Sociolinguistics 

  • Advanced Linguistics 

  • TESOL Methods

  • Teaching Practicum (2-Semester Seminar) 

  • Teaching of Writing 

  • Language Acquisition

  • English Grammar

  • The Writing of Poetry 

  • Studies in Literature 

  • 20th Century American Studies 

  • Thesis in Sociolinguistics: Gender and Politeness 

    • Chair: Dr. Salvatore Attardo

Bachelor of Science in Education 
Youngstown State University​
Concentrations: English/Language Arts 
Spring 2003 
*Ohio Teaching Licensure (2003-2007)

Academic Positions   
University of Pittsburgh
New Position TBA, Fall 2023
Department of English 
University of Pittsburgh
Visiting Lecturer
Department of English 
August 2021 - present 
Pearson Education/Smarthinking, Inc. 
Writing e-Instructor & ESOL Specialist 

​June 2016 - present​

Youngstown State University 
Composition & Rhetoric Instructor (pt) 
Department of English & World Languages

August 2005 - May 2021​

Duquesne University
Teaching Associate, Rhetoric of Technology 
School of Leadership & Professional Advancement
2015 ​​

HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research 

Editorial Assistant 

Corresponded remotely with Mouton de Gruyter in Berlin, Germany

May 2004 - July 2005

Graduate Assistant

Department of English 

Youngstown State University 

August 2003 - May 2005 


Fellowships & Awards

  • Speaking in the Disciplines Fellowship, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Studies, University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2022

  • Writing in the Disciplines Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, William S. Dietrich II Institute for Writing Excellence, Spring 2022 

  • Teaching Excellence Award, Youngstown State University, Spring 2020


Teaching & Directed Studies Work 

University of Pittsburgh

  • ESL: Workshop in Composition (3 sections) 

  • Writing Arguments (4 sections)

  • Seminar in Composition (4 sections)

  • Directed Studies: Teaching & Tutoring Writing, Spring 2022 (1 section; director for pre-law teaching assistant)

  • Directed Studies: Teaching & Tutoring Writing, Fall 2022 (1 section; director for pre-law teaching assistant)

  • Directed Studies: Teaching & Tutoring Writing, Spring 2023  (1 section; director for Public & Professional Writing (PPW) teaching assistant) 

Duquesne University 

  • Human Communication in a Technological Age (Teaching Associate, co-taught 1 section)


Youngstown State University 

  • Fundamentals of College Writing with Additional Lab Hour (12 sections)

  • Introduction to College Writing (3 sections)

  • Writing 2 (Research & Argumentation, 19 sections)

  • Writing 1 (MLA Focus, 24 sections) 

  • Honors Writing 2 (4 sections) 

  • Honors Writing 1 (1 section) 

  • Writing 1 with Additional Lab Hour (3 sections)

(*15 semester hours of distance education included in totals)  

Course Assisting 

Assistant to Dissertation Director 

Duquesne University


COMM 609—Rhetorical Theory

A Ph.D. seminar wherein my role included conferencing individually with any students who requested insight on their papers in Modern to Postmodern rhetorical theory, as well as assisting Dr. Calvin L. Troup with course-related activities. 

COMM 528/628—Rhetoric of Technology

An M.A./Ph.D. seminar wherein my role included conferencing with any students who requested insight on their course papers, as well as assisting Dr. Calvin L. Troup with course-related activities. 

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