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About Me.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Dr. Amanda Sevilla, and I recently finished my second year working at the University of Pittsburgh. After two amazing years as a Visiting Lecturer, I will continue at Pitt as a Teaching Associate Professor in the English department beginning this fall (2023). 


My academic specializations allow me to work in Rhetorical Theory, Media Ecology, Rhetoric of Technology, Ethics & Crisis Communication in the Public Sphere, Ethics of Public Relations & Advertising, Forensics of Argumentation & Law, Philosophy of Communication, English Education, Writing Theory, Composition & Rhetoric, Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 


I'm very grateful that my research and pedagogical work has been strongly supported at Pitt. 

To offer a more comprehensive view of my academic work, I've included a quick link to my CV in the box below. 


Duquesne University 


Ph.D. in Rhetoric 

Dissertation: Discarnation: Expounding on Marshall McLuhan’s Critique of Modern Subjectivity. Committee: Dr. Calvin L. Troup (Chair), Dr. Richard H. Thames, Dr. Janie Harden Fritz


Program areas: Rhetorical Theory, Interpersonal & Organizational Communication, and Ethics & Crisis Communication in the Public Sphere, Phenomenology 


Professional Activity: Rhetoric of Technology, Media Ecology, Composition & Rhetoric, Ethnography, The Rhetoric of Publics & Public Spheres, Forensics of Argumentation & Law, and Digital Narrative

Youngstown State University 


Youngstown State University 


M.A. in English (Emphasis Areas: Linguistics, Rhetoric & Composition) 

Thesis: Gender and Politeness 

B.S. in Education (English, Language Arts & Literature Track)

Senior Capstone on James Joyce's Ulysses  

Podcast returning soon!
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